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Appreciate the love!

2013-04-04 17:59:00 by SecBedProd

Feeling really good about the views, feedback, and rating on the film, came out of judgement at 3 stars. I've got a new idea for my next video, which I hope to release this weekend, and I'm gonna be dabbling in more animated animation, so stay tuned for that. Again, thanks for the love!

Movie already?

2013-04-01 21:17:26 by SecBedProd


I'm Mitch, but I'll be operating under the super cool pseudonym of SecBedProd, or, Second Bedroom Productions. I'll be uploading mainly comedic short pieces that I write, animate, and sometimes voice, but apart from that, I'll be lurking hard. I've got a piece on the way, it's written already, just animating it right now. Expect it soon!